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Do you have a print catalog?
  Yes, we have a lovely print catalog.  If you would like one, simply request one in the notes of your order.  Or you can request one here.
Do you offer gift wrapping?
  Yes.  You can choose from several gift wrapping options on the product page.  Scroll down on the product page and click the "gift wrap" tab to see all of the beautiful gift wrap options.  If you include a gift message, we will include a little gift card with your gift message printed inside.  If no gift message is specified, we will leave the card blank for you to pen your own thoughts.
How sturdy is the jewelry? I'm afraid my child will break it.
  Yes, the jewelry is quite sturdy.  We use a special flexible component for my jewelry that is created with 49 strands of steel wound around each other and covered in a soft-white nylon.  It is both flexible and quite sturdy.  My two little guys, then 2 and 5, volunteered to test the bracelets.  They each wore a bracelet for an entire day (playground, jumping, climbing, running and all).  Both bracelets were just fine after the day of tough and tumble testing.

We recommend the jewelry to be worn for special occasions and picture.  The jewelry is not recommended for everyday wear.  One hint is to hook the clasp on all links of the extension chain, so it doesn't hang down.

However, if your child should ever break her jewelry, feel free to return it to have it fixed for a small fee.  The fee will depend on the repairs needed as well as if there are any pieces that need to be replaced.
I'm in a hurry, how soon can I receive my order?
  We offer both 2-day air and overnight express shipping methods.  Please let us know the date you need your order by, so that we can be sure to do everything we can to get your order out as quickly as possible.  Depending on the time of day you order, we can usually get your order out the same day.  If you need your order shipped out the same day, it is best to call to be sure that can be arranged.  1-888-937-6787
May I have the jewelry shipped directly to the gift recipient?
  Yes, you may.  Be sure to include the "ship to" address when ordering.  I am happy to have the gift packaged ready for gift giving.  I can include a gift card with your custom gift message to the gift recipient.  I do not include an invoice in boxes shipped to an alternate person/address.
Safety Information
Important Safety Information

Small Parts Warning - not intended as a toy for children under 3

Please note that all of our products are made to be sturdy.  However, they do contain small parts.  If a small child were to break her bracelet, the small beads and pearls and other parts could present a choking hazard.  So for children 3 and under, we recommend that the jewelry be a keepsake for her.  For small children, the jewelry is not intended for everyday wear.  Please never leave your child unattended while wearing ANY piece of jewelry.
What are freshwater pearls? Are they real pearls?
  Yes.  Freshwater Pearls are genuine cultured pearls.  The only difference between freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls are where they are grown.  Saltwater pearls are grown in salt water in oysters.  Freshwater pearls are normally grown in freshwater lakes.
What if I order the wrong size?
  That is not a problem. We want to be sure the jewelry is simply perfect. The best way to choose the correct size is to measure her wrist and add about 1/2" to find the size needed. Because we have adjustment/growth chains on all of the pieces, most of our jewelry will fit. However, if you need to return a piece and exchange it for another size (within 30 days of receipt of the item), that is not a problem. You would only be responsible for actual shipping charges via the method of your choice and if you are going up in size, the difference in price. If you are going down in size, you would receive a refund of the difference in price. Please let me know you are returning a piece before you send it back. Here are the return instructions.
What if my jewelry needs cleaning or repair after 30 days?
  If after 30 days your jewelry is in need of repair, please let us know.  For a small fee we would be happy to repair it or clean it up.  Each repair case is different, so please give us a call to discuss what you need, and we will quote you a price. 1-888-937-6787.
What metal do you use? Is it sterling silver?
  Yes, all metal incidentals in the jewelry (beads, clasp, chain, incidentals) are all sterling silver.  Sterling silver, being true sterling silver, will oxidize (tarnish) with age.  However, a simple jewelry cloth for silver will clean them right up - one is included free with your order.  To prevent oxidation, simply keep your jewelry in an airtight container (like a zip bag) when not in use.
Where are you located?
  We are on the gorgeous Central Coast of California.  We are about 1/2 way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  We are located near the beach in Lompoc, California.  Lompoc is a beautiful little town known as the "City of Murals in the Valley of Flowers".