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Genuine Birthstone Color Chart

Peek at the birthstone colors below...most of our pieces can be adorned with her special birthstone. You can peek at our special birthstone jewelry here.

  • genuine gemstones are natural, so they vary a bit in size and shape
  • micro-faceted to add a bit of sparkle
  • lovely petite 3.5mm - 4.5mm size
  • gemstones are naturally more muted in color than dyed or man-made gemstones
  • gemstones can have inclusions and color hues may vary within the stone

Please note that the birthstones are genuine gemstones. Therefore they vary a bit in color, size and shape. Also, the color on your monitor might be a bit different than the actual color of the gemstones.

January - garnet bithstone.February - amethyst birthstone.March - aquamarine birthstone.April - crystal birthstone for diamond.
May - emerald birthstone.June - moonstone birthstone.July - ruby birthstone.August - peridot birthstone.
September - sapphire birthstone.October - pink tourmaline birthstone.November - citrine birthstone.December - blue topaz birthstone.