Accent Charms

Optional Charm Choices

pearl jewelry with optional accent charm. pearl bracelet without optional accent charm.

When you choose an optional accent charm you can choose its placement.
  • a few pearls up from the clasp
  • in the center of the piece at the front
  • somewhere custom (just let us know where you'd like it)
  • There is a drop down on each product asking you where you'd like the charm.
  • All charms are available in Sterling Silver.  If you need a gold option, please inquire for pricing.
  • If no option is chosen, the charm will be placed where we think it fits best in the design of her bracelet.

genuine gemstone birthstone charm.

3-4mm itty bitty
genuine gemstone
birthstone charm

add $4
sterling silver personalized initial charm.

8mm personalized
hand-stamped initial
charm ONE letter

add $15
sterling silver personalized stamped heart charm.

12mm personalized
hand-stamped heart
charm up to 5 letters

add $25
personalized circle charm.

15mm personalized
hand-stamped circle
charm up to 9 letters
(about dime sized)

add $30
personalized hand-stamped circle charm.

19mm personalized
hand-stamped circle
charm up to 15 letters
(about nickel size)

add $30
dainty sterling silver cross charm.

dainty sterling
about 1/2" tall
silver cross charm

add $7
fancy silver cross charm.

fancy sterling
just over 1/2" tall
silver cross charm

add $7
big sis sterling silver heart charm.

Big Sis sterling silver
heart charm

add $12
Sterling silver Lil Sis heart charm.

Lil Sis sterling silver
heart charm

add $12
sterling silver puffy heart charm.

puffy heart sterling
silver charm

add $7
sterling silver hand print charm.

tiny sterling silver
hand print charm

add $15
tiny sterling silver footprint charm.

tiny sterling silver
footprint charm

add $15

sterling silver princess crown charm.

sterling silver
princess crown

add $10
If you would like
something special,
just let us know.

Each piece is custom
created to order, so
we can make it just
perfect for you.